Hanson Alsbury to Stephen F. Austin, 06-01-1827

Summary: Reputation of colony rapidly increasing in the United States. Jackson-Adams campaign distressing the country.

Mount Carmel Mi June 1st 1827.

Dear Sir I have taken the liberty to enclose to you a letter addressed to my Mother, belie veing it to be the only sure means by which she wrould receive it, therefore I desire as a favour specially confered you will forward it so soon as practicable.

Previous to my departure with my wife from your Colony you were pleased to assure me that so soon as the Commissioner of the Sale of lands should arrive you would make me a title to my portion of lands, being already entitled to it by my citizenship permit me to remind you of your promise and as soon as I can have assurance that by title is made I will remit or bring you the amt of consideration.

I have nothing new to write you. The character of your colony is rapidly increasing in the U. S. Our union is much distressed and agitated by the political canvass for the presidency, The friends both of Adams and Jackson are sanguine in their hopes for their friend—The contest in my opinion is quite doubtful—

Hanson Alsbury

Stephen F Austin Esq Austin Colony Mexico

N B My purpose is as soon as I shall be able to resume my residence in Texas.