Robert D. Dawson to Stephen F. Austin, 06-16-827

Summary: Concerning collection of a note.

New Madrid. Mri June 16th 1827

Dear Sir

You would no doubt pardon an old acquaintance under any circumstances for presuming to write to you without prefacing his communication with " Your Excellency &c &c &c but really and in truth I am not so Democratical in my feelings as to omit to give you your just and proper title from any repugnance of feeling but simply because I am ignorant of the title you really bear and beg you on this ground to excuse me

A friend of mine Mr. Alexander La forge in a settlement with George Tennille some years ago obtain'd from him by assignment a note drawn in his favour by you for $1500.00 given as is undestood by Mr Laforge in consideration of the purchace by you of some land from said Tennille, Mr Laforge is anxious to know whether he may justly entertain the expectation that you will ultimately redeem this obligation, and if so when and how it is contemplated to be done. He suffered greatly by Tennille whose obligation he now holds for a considerable amount independent of the note assigned him on you, and being in moderate circumstances only with a young and increasing family would be greatly benefitted by the receipt of the amount appearing to be due him by you. On this subject he has frequently conversed with me and I have constantly assured him of my firm belief that if the debt was considered just by you—you would make no difficulty whatever in the payment of it whenever your means would enable you to do so. This cannot now be doubted as from the best information we are able to obtain the success of your colony is beyond a doubt, and if rightly judged of here must long ere this have secured you wealth in as great abundance as you have honors in your New Government

You will confer a particular favor on me and render Mr Laforge a great kindness if you will write me fully on this subject as early as your convenience will permit and in addition my obligation will be heightened by the receipt of any information of the condition of your colony—province and Government which you may deem worthy of communication to an old acquaintance and friend

Robt D Dawson

The Postmaster at Natchetoches will confer a favour on the writer of this if he will forward this to its place of Destination by mail if there is any, if not by any safe private conveyance as early as possible.

[Addressed:] New Madrid June 17th Stephen F Austin Austin's Colony Province of Texas