Faris and White to Stephen F. Austin, 06-25-1827

Summary: Austin in account with Faris and White.

San Felepe D Austin June 25. 1827

Col. Stephen F. Austin

To Faris and White Dr.

Cash loned_________________________________________________________ 8. 50

1 Bottle Porter .50 2 Bottles and Brandy____________________________ 3.00

1 Hat $7.00 6 lbs Crackers_____________________________________________ 8. 50

$20. 00

Willis A Ferris personally appears before me M. M. Battle. Aled. for Dist. of San F De Austin and makes Oath to the within a/c. and that the Same is Just and true. 5th of Novr. 1827.

M. M Battle. Al. D. Sn. F.D. Austin.

Pay the within to M B Nuckols

Nov. 5th. 1827 Faris and White

1829. April 15 Received payment M B Nuckols