H. H. League to Stephen F. Austin, 08-28-1827

Summary: Business in Saltillo. Disturbances in the colony.

San Felipe De Austin the 28th August 1827

Col. Stephen F Austin

D sir I this moment Received your Communication dated at San Antonio informing me of your resolution to set out on the 30th for Saltillo I doubt whether it will be possible for me by any Exertion to be in Saltillo in the time mentioned. I am unprepared to go on immediately. I shall however use Every possible Exertion to do so—about a week since I sent a man to Natchitoches for the company Documents that I rote for by General Fulerton I also drew on the company for the funds necessary to perform the Trip without which it would be impossible for me to go on. I shall however Try to prepare myself otherwise and if I find it practicable I will be on in about 2 weeks after you leave San Antonio if I find it impossible to do so I will inclose you all the Necessary Documents to Saltillo with all the information and advice on the subject in my power with full authority for you to act in all Respects that I could do were I present, we have some little commotion amongst the people in the out settlements of the Colony—which has been got up by this man Daton that was here when you left Pittises [Pettus's?] insolvency and bad conduct has produced some Excitement amongst a good many that will loose by him. Yet Ive no idea that any thing serious will Result from it your Brother James B. and also Majr Burnet may advise you to Return on that account I do not know that they will, but I do not beleave that the emergency Requires your presence so much that it would be justifiable to loose any important advantage to the Colony by Returning. I will use Every Exertion in my power to Tranquilise them. Should this letter Reach you at San Antonio before you leave Pleas to write me without fail I will address you at Saltillo by next mail more fully on Every Subject about which you would like to be informed whether I go on or not my family is in fine health and the colony in general

H. H. League [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Col. Stephen F Austin San Antonio Coahuila & Texas