C. B. Penrose to Stephen F. Austin, 09-10-1827

Summary: Asking advice on subject previously proposed.

San Felipe de Austin Sep 10th 1827

Dear sir

I have, for some weeks past, waited for some communication from you, respecting by business, but my expectations have been disappointed, Your last letter found me on the eve of departure for the Bay—and as you then mentioned your intention of immediately returning to San Felipe, I thought it unnecessary to write.—Upon my return to Town, I found you had prolonged your stay in San Antonio, and as there was a pressure of other and important business, I felt an unwillingness to obtrude my business upon your attention, subsequent events increased that unwillingness, and I have waited patiently untill the arrival of today's mail, in the hopes of your informing me of at least the disposition of my papers—my entire ignorance of their fate, induces me, to trouble you with the present communication and the only apology I can offer, is the importance of the business, to my future prospects—Your entire silence has induced me to suppose, that my business may possibly trench too much upon time, allready devoted to the welfare of individuals, who have claims upon your attention, I can pretend to none—if my supposition is correct, I can only express my regret that your politeness should have mislead me

It is still my intention to prosecute the business which brought me to the Country, and in conformity with your advice I intend going to the City of Mexico so soon as I can adjust some business in the United States, whither I shall go during the present month—I was and still am anxious to obtain the sanction of the state government for my projected enterprise, and feel well assured that that sanction would very much facilitate my business with the Genl Gov—If you can do so without interfering too much with your business I should feel myself much indebted to you if you would present my petition to the consideration of the Govt at Saltillo and forward to me the result at Mexico—directed to myself or Joseph B Wilkinson care of Mr Poinsett—if however you should deem this course impolitic—or too troublesome to yourself I beg that you will frely inform me so any letter you address me will find me in Neworleans as late as the middle of January. Accept my good wishes for your safe return—

C. B. Penrose

Col. S. F. Austin Saltillo