M. M. Battle to Stephen F. Austin, 09-12-1827

Summary: Contract to build a house.

This Agreement made and entered into in the Town of San felipe de Austin between Mills M Battle on the one part and Stephen F Austin on the other part witnesseth. That the party of the first part bargains and agrees and by these presents binds himself to perform the following work to wit:

take down and put up again the house belonging to said party of the 2d part and raise it to the heighth of 12 feet, both pens, frame and raise a front Gallery 10 feet wide, back gallery 12 feet wide with a room in each end of 15 feet, with a door and two windows in each both Galeries to extend the full length of the house, the Rooms on the Galleries to be framed and the weather boarding to be dressed—Bannister and hand rail all the Galleries. Make an additional door in each of the old pens to pass in the back rooms, two windows in each of the old pens in front with all the Corresponding sash and shutters for them—Lay a tongued and groove floor all through the lower floors and square jointed floor above over the two pens and Entry-—Lay a tongued and groove floor over the two rooms in the back gallery, frame the roof and shingle the same. Weather board the Gable ends with dressed stuff and furnish the house with all the doors and shutters that is specified above and windows making use of the sash that is ready made and furnishing the balance. The house to be raised on blocks of wood 3 feet from the ground the whole to be performed in a neat and workmanlike manner and every possible exertion to be used to complete the work with the utmost dispatch—The party of the second part to place the Scantling plank, joice and all the timber for the house on the spot where the building is to be placed—The party of the first part to furnish in the woods the Logs and sills for the Galleries ready cut. the party of the second part to furnish all the other plank timber etc. And the party of the second part hereby binds and obligates himself to pay in consideration of the said work the sum of two hundred dollars in money and Four hundred Dollars in property at Cash price—such as Cows and Calves, Mules a gentle Horses or any other property that may suit the Convenience of the sd party of the first part. The sd party of the first part to board and find himself and hand

Sn Felipe de Austin 12 September 1827

M M Battle

Stephen F Austin

by Jas B Austin

Executed in Presence of Samuel M Williams