John A. Williams to J. E. B. Austin, 10-14-1827

Summary: Notes for map of East Texas.

Pine Bluff Trinity 14th Octbr 1827.

Mr. James B. Austin

Sir Inclosed you will receive a rough map of that part of the Province of Texas lying between the Trinity and Sabine, Bound north by the St Antonio road, and south by the gulf The following remarks will serve in some measure to explain it.

From the San Antonio crossing of the Atoyac to its June- Course and distance. tion with Angeline____________________ S 00° —21 Mile

from Nacogdoches to the Junction of Toyac and Angeline____S 44° E—35 m

from said junction to the Junction of the Angeline and Naches_______________________________S 16° E—26 m

from thence to Sabine lake_______________________._ S 13° E—51m

from thence to the pass in the Gulf___________________S 20° E—16 m

from thence through the pass____________________________S 18° E— 9 m

The width of the creeks are laid down in yards opposite the mouth of each creek where the width could be ascertained. Their length and general course could not be correctly ascertained. Their appearance on the map will perhaps be the best criterion. The width also, of some of the rivers are laid down in yards at different points

For further information I must refer you to the Map, which is laid down upon a scale of ten miles to an inch English measure. The marginal lines will aid you as to the cardinal points

I have not been able to learn anything that could be relied on relative to the waters of the San Jacinto.

The Sabine, Sabine lake, pass into the gulf and the coast on to point Bolivar and also Trinity Bay so far as it is laid down, together with creeks puting in has been laid down according to instructions recd from Cap1 Orr who has navigated these waters

The Indians Vills have been laid down partly from my own acquaintance with the geography of the country and partly by information from Capt Orr, Mr Nash, and a Coshata Indian From the St Antonio crossing of the Atoyac down the Angeline Naches, and the Sabine lake has been laid down by my own observation as I decended these waters last March, but without compass or mathematical instruments Capt Orr, however, and others who are acquainted with these waters have agreed with me in the general course and distances as laid down together with creeks The names of some of these creeks could not be ascertained consequently they were left blank I have no doubt but there are other creeks puting in which I did not discover, as the waters were very high at the time I came down. The Trinity is laid down from the best information the inhabitants can give. But no doubts many creeks are omitted.

I am very sorry that the map which is inclosed is far from being perfect, The want of correct information from the non inhabited parts of the country—the lack of mathematical instruments when I decended the Naches and the little reliance to be put upon the report of hunters and Indians to whom I have been compelled to apply renders it impossible for a map to be perfect when founded upon such vague data. But we must content ourselves with probabilities when certainties are wanting.

Jn° A Williams [Rubric]