Stephen F. Austin to J. H. Bell, 01-01-1828

Summary: Suggesting ticket for election of first ayuntamiento of San Felipe.

Jany 1-1828

Dr Sir,

I am happy to find myself once more amongst my large family after so long an absence

On the 3 and 4 of Feby next the genl election comes on in the several districts for one Alcalde, two regidores or aldermen and one sindico procurador for the whole colony—these officers compose the Ayuntamiento or municipal corporation—great power is given to this corporation by the laws, and much depends on getting in good and intelligent men

Kinny has positively refused to serve as Alcalde, and I think that Ira Ingram will be the best we can get—he is compelled to live in this place and it will not be as injurious to him to be absent from home as some others—in my opinion he is well qualified for the office and will do credit to the colony The Ayuntamiento must meet once a month at this place which will be a little inconvenient for those who live at a distance

I think J. H. BellWm Morton and L. K. Kinny ought to be the two regidores and the sindico Procurador—or if either of these will not serve M. B. Nuckols who lives here and is a very good and intelligent man.

The nearer they could be elected to this place the better for they ought to meet at least once a month and sometimes of tener, and there is no kind of compensation allowed to them by law—Should the Alcalde be unable to act from sickness or death etc the alderman who had the highest vote takes his place which makes it still more important to elect good men—Rawson Alley has also been spoken of and he would make a good one also T. M. Duke, If you do not wish the appointment (which I presume you do not) for it will put you to great trouble owing to the distance you live from here, I think that Kinny and Morton for regidores and Nuckols for Sindico Procurador will be the best we can get—Write me your opinion on the subject and wheither Ingram for AlcaldeKinny and Morton for regidores and Nuckols for Sindico Procurador, will suit the people in that quarter—if not write me what ticket you think will suit them—let us try and be united and harmonious in this election I have sent the Alcalde of that district full instructions on the subject of conducting the Election—the forms etc and a circular which will give you an idea of the nature of the new system—

remember me to Mrs Bell, it is a long time since I have seen her and I feel anxious to visit you and see you all once more. When the election is over I shall be free and will come and see you—

S F, Austin

[Addressed:]Mr. J. H Bell Lower Settlement