J E B Austin to Stephen F Austin, 09-16-1828

Summary: Plans for building gin and other business. Glad Austin is paying more attention to his own interests.

September 16th 1828:

Dr Brother

I received your letter by Mr. McNutt, John has concluded to go up to Sn Felipe and will take up the papers you enclosed— Cap.n Martin will go up with John to arrange the bonds for the money he has loaned us, he lets us have the use of the Money three years at 6 pr cent, and we are to give him good security. We stated to him that we would either give you as Security, or execute a Mortgage on this place— he says either will do—and if the loan was for a shorter period he would not require security, you can do as you think best in the subject.— I have noticed the contents of your letter relative to the management of this place and am much pleased with your ideas of Economy as they accord precisely with my own, and afford me much satisfaction to perceive you determined to pay more attention to your own interest than heretofore, a thing I have so oftened wished-— I am sensible if you continue in the same way of thinking, a few years will entirely relieve you from embarassment, and enable you to spend the remainder of your life in ease and comfort. As to our future plans I have concluded to remain here for the present year; and am now employed putting the Gin in good order for the present crop— My calculation was if Williams joined us to have gone to San Felipe, but not receiving an answer from him on the subject we conclude that he has probably abandoned the idea-— I wish to get Leal and his wife down as soon as possible, and I want them started down while John is at Town if they want any assistance Leal may hire Francisco, Antones Son, who knows the way—and i will pay him here—

There are some things at town that I want to get down as I have little or nothing to commence housekeeping with and it they are left there may get lost, and if brought here will be saved, and be of service to me— I will try and get Keller to go up in his boat and bring down everything that you may not want— I am anxious to get as many cattle as I can and if you can procure any I will attend to the Collection of them. The cattle that is owing to Betts I want for Bowen and Betts has promised me to settle with him. I have two cows and two heifers at Robins; and the cows I expect have calves, and perhaps the heifers I want Leal to get Francisco and drive them down I purchased in the first place three cows—and two heifers—one cow I let Sam Pettus have and the others are still there— Enclosed I send an a/c against Battles which you can charge on y.r Books in y.r Settlement with him, remember that all goods furnished him is cash—also all debts paid by us for him is the same— I also send two other against Slaughter which you can also charge

I have paid Phillips and Slaughter considerable which can be ascertained by having My a/c with Richardson and Davis drawn off also—charge Slaughter with one dollar paid McKinstry and Phillips 1.88 paid W. C. White Widow Gilbert has an a/c against us part is paid which can be ascertained by referring to my a/c with R P D. in y.r Settlement with Phillips ask him if he procured any thing on my a/c from McKinstryBattles took some powder from the old office to pay a Spaniard for coming down here— also he has made use of considerable plank for himself which he must be charged with If I can leave home I will come up and arrange these a/cs myself but I shall be so confined that I think it doubtful whether I can leave home. If you have any notes or a/cs due in this Settlement if you will send them down by John we will Collect them this fall- John will go to Jacksons sale and if there is any thing to be sold that will be of service to us he may purchase— I am going to make a crop this season and if the Negroes hire low we should like to hire them— The window Glass is in the old house back of the office—two boxes 10 by 12. and one 8 by 10. the paint is in the same house also the oil— I think the best plan is to hire the house to Whitesides he ought to give at least 20 or 25 dollars p.r Month.

Bowen has arrived—poor McKinstry is dead—it is very Sickly in N. OrleansEliza sends her love—

J. B. Austin [Rubric]

P. S. Eliza has two heifers at town one of them is in the bend below cow a black—and the other is at Kuykendals, a muly- if Leal can find them I want him to drive them down