Thomas F McKinney to Stephen F Austin, 11-03-1828

Summary: Relating difficulties with Colonel Piedras, and asking help.

Nacogdoches Nov. 3rd 1828

D. Col.

I should certainly have written to you Since my arrival from my wild voyage from Orleans but I have been so immerced in business of an unpleasant nature that I could attend to nothing in reality

I was not aware of having to deal with Col. Piedras when I made a contract with a Mr Mora in Orleans to bring freight from there to this country in a Keal Boat I likewise contracted with some Americans and with them I have had no difficulty but unfortunately the goods I received of Mora has proved to belong to the Col. and he has used every means to influence Mora to relate palpable falshoods for the purpose of injuring me and had Mora not been a man of integrity he certainly would have put me to much trouble though when ever we have come to an arbitration or suit I have fortunately had every decision in my favour but I find [Piedras] the most inde- fatigable man in dishonesty I ever knew he still Contemplates more suits against me relative to the boat Concern and I have become so fatigued with his molestations that I have almost dispaired of ever getting a fair settlement with him I had rather make any sacrifice which my circumstances would admit than cavel with him eternally.

His conduct in this place renders a residence here unpleasant and unsafe I have presumed to make a brief relation of his acts to Genl Bustamante without having the slightest acquantance with the general but the facts were such as I hope he will at least investigate the matter and there his conduct will appear in its true feature my trip which would have been otherwise prosperous has already sunk two hundred and fifty or three hundred Dollars and where the loss will stop is uncertain. If I could dispose of My land in the Colony I should be relieved of some little embarasment which otherwise I must labour under. John Williams the bearer of this communication tells me he will buy it of me on seeing you if the title suits him you will render me a favour by aiding the sale so far as is consistent with your ideas of the matter

Our land difficulties and confusion here I hope will be at an end when the Comisioner arrives as I am informed he is comisd for the purpose of adjusting all diferences relative to land If the situation of your buisness would permit you to come on with the comisioner I think much good would arise there from to the inhabitants though perhaps in reality none to yourself.

I confess My silence ever since my arrival requires an apology though I should assure you my dear sir be happy at all times to hear from [you] hoping the greatest prosperity may attend you

Thomas F. McKinney [Rubric]

Col Stephen F. Austin

NB Accept of the respects of Mrs. McKinney And if Possible for you to visit this country we would be glad you would call Stay with us