Emily M Perry to J E B Austin, 11-29-1828

Summary: Record of Austin's business with Butler burned. Conditions in Missouri.

Herculaneum November 29.th 1828

I received a few days since Mr Dear Brothers, letter of Sepr 28, which gave me the most sincear pleasure, as I have not had any letter from eather of you since M.r J. Austin was up; I was very much disapointed in not seeing him as I had a great many inquires to make, respectting you and my Sister I have not words to express to you the pleasure, that I felt when I heard that you were Married; I have no doubt but what you will enjoy life much more than you ever did; you now have some inducement to exert yourself to acquire an independence, which I have no doubt you will do, If it only pleases the Almighty to spare your lives;—

I am on a Visit to this place, and shall see all your numerous Cousins; Adeline Lewis, is living with her Father; and the Sisters of her deceas'd Husband are living with her, one of the Young Laydes, is to be Married to Morrow night, which is the reason of my being hear, I expect to see the most of our relations that live in this County—their is very little alteration with them, since you left here excepting in Deaths, the Town of Herculaneum is all going to Naught; I do not know when I shall visit it again, for when I look at our old habitation it brings to mind Friends and seans that have long gone by, it casts such a gloom on my feelings, that it is with difficulty that I can appear chearfull, in the Midst of our Friends, Mary Honey has four Children one Daughter, Maria W. three, Adeline one, Old Aggy call to see me today, she looks very like old times, she inquired very particularly after you, and Master Stephen, and express'd a great wish to see you boath, poor old Jack is number'd with the Dead—&c.

Tell Stephen that M.r Woodson had his house burnt to the Ground, when he was Clerk of the Court, and that all the Papers relating to the Butler business where burnt, not one to be found, so he may give himself no uneasiness on that business; Judge Carr intends writing to him very fully respecting the business—

I shall look for you and Sister Next Spring, you must not wait to make a fortune, for if you do, I shall think that you do not want to see me; but wish only to make a show and parade, for James, I know that you inherit all our Dear Fathers Pride, and ambition, I once possess'd my share of it, but misfortune and trouble has compleatly humbled me; I want you to come and see how happy I live with my Dear good Man, and to see what a handsome Family of Children, I have, it is very old fashion for one to write about ones Husband and Children, I trust I may always be so far out of Fashion as to praise merit where it is deserving, you could visit Missouri, and return in 6 weeks, Sister would only have to stop at New Orleans- procure a Fashionable Bonnet and two or three Fashionable Dresses, and she would Eclips us all Fashionables at Potosi; but indeed My Dear Brother you must visit us in the Spring; we shall know by that time wheather there can be any thing recover'd in Jersey, the last accounts were very flattering—

I send you by Mrs Lockhart a box of Roots and more gardin seed; I hope long ere this the box of seed that I send in October has yet arrived safe, I wrote to Sister and inclosed the letter, and a little bundle in the Box; I must bid you Adieu for the house is full of Girls and they keep such a fuss and chattering around me that I hardly know what I am doing—tell Stephen that I have a most amiable and beautifull Girl picked out for him the Daughter of an old Friend and favourit of his—she very much resembles a Laydy that he once was very partial too-—

Present my most affectionate love to Sister, and Brother, you must all of you write to me often, and believe me always your truly attached Sister

E, M, Perry

[Address:] James E. B, Austin Esqr. St Filippi de Austin— Provence of Texas