John A Williams to Stephen F Austin, 03-02-1829

Summary: Thanking Austin for assistance in getting land for settlers on the Trinity, and warning him against certain inhabitants of that section.

Pine Bluff 2nd March 1829

Col Austin

Dr Sir. Your favour of the 31st Jany came to hand and its contents has been duly considered, The course you propose for us to persue relative to the commissioner accords with my opinion intirely but my extreme bad health I fear will prevent my adopting the course you have suggested

Permit me to inform you that the success which has crowned your late efforts on the subject of our land petition has gained you much applause among the inhabitants of Trinity. But I fear it will work a great injury to yourself at least, for new favours in the opinion of the multitude beget new obligations, and as emty acknowledgments are the only tribute they expect will be exacted for the important servises you have rendered, you may expect future aplications in abundence and perhaps I shall be the first to draw on your benevolence yesterday one of the inhabitants of this vicinage, and soil [?] set out for the interior on some weighty mission, the object of which I do not exactly comprehend, not belonging to their cabinet. I have not been honoured with a sight of their embassage nor credentials but I expect they will stop at san Filipe and perhaps exhibit their documents to you. The request I now have to make is this that should this important personage honour you with a call, that you receive him with just such marks of distinction as his occupation his station in life and the importance, or non importance of his mission merits and no more, and further I would observe we wish the great favour which the Mexican government has though[t] fit to bestow upon us in granting us land to be caried into effect without being contaminated with foul hands, I should not have said any thing on this subject had it not been for the great industry, intreague and management with which some petitions of sale has I am informed, have been goten up and Subscribers obtained

Jno A. Williams [Rubric]