William Morton to Stephen F Austin, 03-25-1829

Summary: People will support an academy, but will not consent to have it in any way under the authority of the ayuntamiento of San Felipe.

Dr Sir

Their was handed me by Mr Jamson several letters [and a] plan [of] subscription for an Academy which I handed to Cpt Martin and Ed Jones as directed for their deliberation Cpt Martin rather paused for some time before he gave aney opinion abought it he finally observed he should not feel safe to subscribe to the bond as he had no faith in the preasent Ayuntamento body and not knowing who would Succeed them theirfore he didnot feel safe in vestin his money in their handes nor should not tho he observed that he would contribute as much to that Institution as aney other person of his abilites provided it could be established on a fair and satisfactory basis and the same opinion prevails thrueout this nabourhood their has been so maney complaints abought the past conduct of the Ayuntamento that it appears to me to be all most out of the question to do aney thing of a publick nature thrue them of that kind for to make them men appear responsible and addequit to establish an Institutision of that kind and by donatisions from the itinerrant settelars of this colney it would be as esey to make the peopel beleave that black was whit the contrast would be equly as grate for Equity has been harrowed like the Trishmans hors by the tail Backwardes to much for them to be the sole managers of so benovelant an Institutision as that their is a rumor aflote that the Ayuntomento has introdused a projecte of a law to rais $5000 by a direct tax in this colney for publick porposes if so and I was allowed my opion I should say they would have rather to grate an overpluck of buisness to attend to for if you will vu their past projects collectively and impartially you might see that it would prove Abortive for the worst prejudiced designing moralist will ever be foremost to thrust themselves into power is a matter desided heir [here?] and the result will bring ruin uppon themselves and the unhappy few over whome they may preside concequently I do not feal an inclinenatision to have anaey thing to do with the Acadamy thrue them exclucifly I dont feal like I could stand the Execratisions that: would be heeped upon me for what I might expect to get for it under the preasant circumstances not withstanding aney thing that corns in the vue of my weak fackculteys that I can render you in establishing that Institution upon a permeneant and Ecquitable basis is intirly at your Service and as I have no disposition to animadvert in the past grievances or throw aney obstructtision in the way I will name the ought lines [outlines] of a course by which I think in all probility it might be established to the genral satisfaction of the whole with the exception of a part of the Ayuntamento body that is if you will take it upon your self to nominate 7 or 8 or more persons in the different parts of the colney to enquire into the utility of such an instutision and the requsit buildings and let them act as a commitee of ways and means in the first instance they could decide by vote on the most important point which would be wheather we would have such an institution in the Colney or not I will venture to Say that their is not aney person in the Shape of a human that had ever wore aney garbe larger than a britchclout in this colney but what would approve of Such an institution again they could appoint or elect Trustes treasurer auditor colector etc and one of the ayuntamento bodey might act as such when they would have a fare Chance to sho what the Government would do in the first Instance and thrue them which would be the most esential thinges in order that the trustes might proceed leagely and upon a fair basis

with regard to the plan you Sent me I will be better abel to do something with it when I See you (when I get my crop planted I will try to come up and See you) you may think my answer to you rather ruff and evasive but I pledg you my word it is not with aney desine to procostinate your desine or throw the least obstical in the way that would have a tendaneee to cast a shade over workes of so much utility I must theirfore enjoint on you to excuse my weak epistle as you know I am no Soloman or Scribe

Wm Morton [Rubric]

S. F. Austin March 25th 1829