Stephen F Austin to Elias R Wightman, 04-27-1829

Summary: Arrangements concerning land.

San Felipe de Austin April 27. 1829

Mr Elias E Wightman

Sir, My object in making the offer of the land when you was here, out of the Jones and Kuykendall Leagues was to enable the families that came with you to have a place to go on to immediately, and not as a matter of speculation— I am now willing that you should take the quarter out of the Jones League in exchange for the part my brother has in the Matagorda tract—this will close that business and relieve you from the necessity of making an immediate settlement on it—

The families who are at Huff shave all determined to settle on the Bernard, as I am informed—none of them will therefore go to the Colorado— I will give one Labor gratis to any family who will settle on the Kuykendall League west of the river, by the first of October next, he paying for the title—

I return you the two instruments of writing you sent me unsigned— It does not suit me to agree to the alteration you wish for the necessity, or rather the reason on which the offer was made has ceased, for the families at Huffs as I before observed have determined to settle on the Bernard—and the present arrangement will suit you better than the other, for the Jones quarter is worth two of the Crownover League, and you can remain where you are during the whole season—

S. F. Austin [Rubric]