James Kennerly to Stephen F Austin, 08-24-1829

Summary: Asking information about Texas.

Jefferson Barracks near St. Louis MoAugt 24, 1829

To Mr Steven Austin,

I am verry desireous of geting some information about the part of the world called Austin Settlement in Texas, The first inquerey is, the climate, the health of the Country and by what means accessable,

The Kind of population and number, the general persuits wheather Traders or agriculturealists, what produce is raised and is best adapted to the climate for exportation. The principal Towns and water courses, and the language most in use, I have for several years had a desire to visit the country with a view of settling with my family, I have some small means principally in negroes, with some merchandize, and would be glad to hear from you candidly on the subject and will feel greatfull for your immedeate reply, should it be favourable. I will visit your country this fall

Jas Kennerly