Stephen F Austin to Henry Austin, 09-22-1829

Summary: Warning him not to be deceived by an advertisement of lands in Texas.

San Felipe de Austin, September 22,1829.

This letter was to have gone by the mail the 1st of this month but on the 29th of last I was taken with the fever and was insensible and at the point of death for some time. I am now proped up to write this—the object of which is to guard you against such wild schemes as the one which I have seen for the first time this day in the national Intelligencer, of which Dennis A Smith is the agent and Exiter [Exter] the principal— it is all a deception— Exiter is what the law calls an Empresario and an Empresario is nothing more than an agent hired by the Govt, to bring in a certain number of families of a particular discription—, if he introduces them he will be entitled to receive a premium at the rate of five leangues for each 100 families— this is all he can get and he is not entitled to that until after the families have been received by the Govt, commissioner- he has no right nor authority to survey nor to do any kind of act of any description whatever except barely to bring in the families and his agency may be annulled by the Govt, for good cause, in the same manner than any other principal can revoke authority given to any agent— This is all the authority that Exiter has to do what he is doing

S F Austin

[To Henry Austin, Matamoras.]