John Durst to Stephen F Austin, 11-10-1829

Summary: Asking Austin's advice concerning Guerrero's emancipation decree.

Nacogdochs Novr the 10th 1829

S. F Austin

Dear Sir We have receivd by last Mail a Decree Given by the excutive of our Governmt Liberating all the Slaves in its territory I have so farr succeeded with the cival and Military othoraties to Suspend its Publication and expose to the Governor the evil arrising from such Law should it have efect you no Doubt have it before this and I doubt nott you have taken Measures to Surpress it, in the Name of God what Shall we do for Gods Sake advise me on the subject by the return of Mail we are ruind for ever Should this Measure be adopted Yours

John Durst [Rubric]