H H League to Stephen F Austin, 12-19-1829

Summary: Asking Austin to obtain for him leave of absence from service in the ayuntamiento. His unpopularity makes it inconvenient to serve.

Town of Austin Decr 19. 1829.

Col Stephen F. Austin

Dear Sir My Extreem bad health precludes the possibilitys of my Visiting your office as often as my business would require it after weighing the Subject maturely I find it all important for the interest of the Community to quiet the outrageous Clammer that actually threatens at this moment the Over throw of every thing and as a Step of Self preservation that I should by all means be Released from serveing any longer as a Rigedore, it is impossible that my health can ever be restored under my present State of Depressed and mortified feelings, my hopes and prospects are all blasted; and my oppression is beyond the Controll of all the philosiph[y] and fortitude I can Call to my aid my health has actually Sunk, and unless I can produce a Change, the Conseiquences will be fatal to me and that Very Shortly, thare is no laber or fatigue I would not willingly under go for the advancement of the Country if my Exertions Could avail, but Such is the Violence of feeling Existing against me at this moment, that any interfearance with the publick business by me or Even an Idea that I will interfear infuriates them to madness—it is resolved that the next Ayuntamiento shall not be contaminated with my (Rascally intrigues) as they Say-—, be the conseiquences what they may—, my own Idea is this, the Ayuntamiento will dispence with my meeting them on account of my bad health and if it is possible for me to obtain Two month leave of Absence from the Chief of Department, I wish to take a Trip to N. Orleans to See if it will not facilitate my recovery, and if the Commissioner can be prevailed upon to represent my Case to the Government at the Same time it is possible I may obtain a total Exemption, and should I recover my health which I have much reason to doubt I may be useful to the publick in someother way—, will you have the goodness to lay the case before the comissioner and do all in your power for me, which I Shall always acknowledge as the gratest of favours.

H. H. League [Rubric]