Stephen F Austin to Elias R Wightman, 01-15-1830

Summary: Land, fees, surveying.

Jany. 15, 1830.

Dr. Sir

I have been expecting you [with] great anxiety and should have written to you long ago, but suppose from your letter that you would be here

As regards entries for the families who came on with you, they must be made in the manner stated in my notice of 20 Novr Those who do not apply in conformity with that notice will get nothing, and no attention will be paid to their applications.

As regards the fees that have to be paid promptly, I have spoken to Williams to do all their writing and wait for the fees except the stamp paper.

I have left a commisison for you as surveyor, and wish you to survey all the vacant land on the river below Betts League and Jinnings camp and all the land on Trespalacios Creek, Praririe Creek, Cany Creek but you will have to wait until I get there for owing to your not coming up I cannot now make out all the instructions. I will try and go from La baca to Matagorda.

S. F. Austin. [Rubric]

[Addressed to:] Mr. E. B. Weightman Matagorda. Mr. Borden