Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 01-16-1830

Summary: Advantages of a prompt removal to Texas.

Jan. 16, 1830.

Dr brother and Sister

I again drop you a line by way of Nachitoches on the subject of your removal here. I have not time to write a long letter neither is it necessary. I have written four in the last month. All I have to say or can say may be comprised in a few words—Come remove to this colony without delay. In Novr next the law expires exempting Texas from duties. Come on and bring a handsome assortment of goods. And come quickly, the fall is the best time to remove on a/c of health. When I get an answer to the application I have made of a grant for you I will write, tho I am not doubtful as to a favourable one. Land can now be had on reasonable terms by purchace. I am the agent of Mexicans to sell 22 Leagues for $500 a League part on a credit, if you come now and bring some money and goods you may get as much as you please, in a year more land will rise. 200 emigrants have arrived in a month, do not be the last. Come on, and let the remnant of our family be united once more.

My health is better and I start tomorrow with the surveyors for the woods to be out a month or more.

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

[Addressed to:] Mr. James F. Perry Potosi Missouri