Henry Austin to Stephen F Austin, 01-29-1830

Summary: Discussion of transfer of Texas to United States. Mexicans jealous of Texas. Reports of revoluationary movement in Texas caused by Guerrero's emancipation decree.

Matamoros Jany 29, 1830

Col S. F. Austin

My dear Sir I avail myself of an opportunity to your place to send you a pamphlet on the transfer of Texas.

Both governments were intent upon the measure, but I am fearfull the late revolution may retard if it do not defeat the project altogether.

I send by the same conveyance a letter for T J Chambers surveyer General . Should he be in your neighbourhood do me the favor to receive the letter from Mr Renolds and send it to Mr Chambers. The object of the letter is to request payment for a set of surveyors instruments which I brought out at his request and have had here more than six months.

The last season has been extremely sickly here. My operations have been suspended more than three months by the sickness of all my men. I am now endeavouring to close my business with a view to leave this as soon as I can but it will take me some months at best to get away.

The cotton gins sent you by Mr Coit were sent by my request under the supposition they would be useful to you. You will please have them sold for whatever they will fetch.

My Mexican operations have all proved very unfortunate and if I should be so fortunate as to extricate myself from the present one without loss to my friends I shall hardly engage in any others. There is such an inveterate jealousy of strangers and so much perfidy in the Mexican people that nothing conducted by a stranger can succeed if they can prevent it. When I leave this I shall shape my course for New Orleans and if circumstances permit will visit you Our family has been truly unfortunate for many years past. You are I believe the only member of it who has been successfull and your success has been dearly purchased. Should a transfer of the province take place you cannot fail to realize a splendid fortune from your exertions.

We have had many rumors here of a revolutionary disposition in the people of Texas on account of the decree freeing all slaves in the Republic, the Mexicans appear to be very jealous of your encreasing strength and I think the conviction that Texas cannot long remain theirs may determine them to sell to the U S now they have an opportunity. Major Butler who is now in Mexico as charge des affairs has undoubtedly instructions to make the purchase if it can be done on reasonable terms. Do me the favor to inform me at what price a square league lands with a perfected title can be had in the Colony. The acquisition by settlement is too tedious a process for me to undertake besides I detest every thing that brings me in contact with Mexican authority.

your friend and cousin Henry Austin-

PS, I have a printing press, and types, is it wanted in Texas It will not sell here as the people cannot read, the value is 1500$