Amos Edwards to Stephen F Austin, 03-11-1830

Summary: Application for land. Colonial conditions.

Davis Point March 11th 1830

Dear Sir

When I came on found my hands here trying to make some improvements and I concluded to settle here altho there is not a tree of timber suitable for building or fencing nearer than 5 miles of this point nor any running fresh water within 4 miles, the place is well calculated for keeping stock which is one of my principle objects in settling here and I intend planting and raising as much corn potatoes and other necessary articles as I can with my force but it will be attended with a great deal of labour and expense extra of a situation that is convenient to Timber and water. I hope therefore that you will let me have a piece of Timbered land that lies most convenient to this place which is on, what is called here Dixon's Bayou, about six miles off which would enable me to improve this place so as to make it beneficial to the public and myself and particularly as this league will not embrace timber enough to make one fourth of the buildings and fencing necessary to answer my purpose, and that little is 5 miles to six from this point. It was customary formerly for sellers to get a certain quantity of arrable land and a larger quantity for stock and other purposes and if it is in your power to grant the like quantity to any individual I hope you will extend your goodness to me, as I have brought a large family to this country some of whom have caused other useful emigrants to come marry and settle in the country and I have yet several young children to provide for and shall myself try to be as usefull to the Government as my circumstances and abilities will permit. I regret that you did not come to this part of the country as you intended when I saw you that you might see the land here and country generally, and I also regret that it is not in my power at this time to leave here to go and see you myself for I am yet living in a tent and must stay to try to have a shelter made for my family and put in a crop to make us some bread etc. But I send my son to transact my busi- ness for me with full power to do all that is necessary for me relative to lands in this colony which I hope will be sufficient without my personal attendance at St. Fillippe. he can explain to you the situation of this place better than I can by letter at present, as he has travelled all over the land.

Amos Edwards

P. S. I am requested by my son in Law Mr. Ritson Morris to name to you that he wishes to get a league of land adjoining the one I am on, lying on Clear Creek as he intended moving his family on it as soon as he can go home and settle up his business there which will be next fall early, it is the tract on which Anson Taylor lived and I bought his improvements and have a respectable family now living on it and there will be twenty five acres in cultivation this season, it is very desirable to have my children near me and if they can get the land they will all settle within your colony. I wish also to get a league near me for Doctor Heard who will come here before long and in the mean time I will have a respectable family on it improving the land. My son will designate the land for the Doctor provided you consent to let him have it.

A. E.

[Addressed:] Col. Stephen F. Austin, Austin. Monroe Edwards.