Stephen F Austin to Elias Wightman, 03-13-1830

Summary: Instructions for surveying

Memorandum for Mr. Weigh[t]man Surveyor

You will lay off four quarters of a League next below H. H. League on the west side of colorado and the balance on both sides of the river below Betts on the east side, and below the above mentioned quarters on the west will be laid of in League tracts—each League will not have more than two thirds of a League in width in a straight line front on the river, and the quarters in propor- tion to their area I also wish the exact quantity ascertained in each of the large islands including the prairie island between the east and west fork

The Leagues on Trespalacios must join those on the colorado where it can be done so as not to reduce the fronts on each river to less than three thousand varas— should there be a vacancy in the middle it can be laid off in quarters, or in Leagues as may best suit.

I think it will be the best plan to lay off on one connected plot all the meandering and then lay down all the tracts on colorado and on the east side of Trespalacios, the west side of Trespalacios may remain for the present, as there are no tracts taken there at this time

The land on prairie creek and Cany below Peyton and Curtis and also on the bay east of this you can lay off in conformity with the printed regulations and in quarters or Leagues as it may be wanted.

Please send up the notes of all the colorado tracts as soon as possible for they are generally all taken up and I wish to finish the deeds.

Matagorda March 13. 1830

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

You will of course be particular that there is no interference with the Colorado and prairie Creek tracts and regulate the fronts accordingly should it be necessary to vary from the rule above laid down to avoid an interference.

A district can be laid off for surveying on San Jacinto to commence at the Mouth of Buffalo Bayou, thence up the same, north side to its head, thence northwardly so as to include all the waters of San Jacinto on the west side of its main branch up to its head

Mr Weightman can have this district if he wishes it by applying to me or to Williams at my office should I be absent within six weeks from this time

Matagorda March 13. 1830

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

The above is subject to the approval of the Commissioner general

S. F. Austin [Rubric]