Stephen F Austin to Elias R Wightman, 04-04-1830

Summary: Order for survey.

Mr. E. R. Weightman

Dr Sir, Col Wallace and company wish to take a look at that country he wishes to get a place on Prairie Creek, and I have told him that you could point out the places that are selected there by the emigrants who came with you—-

If the leagues are not yet layed off on the west side of Colorado I wish an alteration made which is this—run one League next below H. H. Leagues tract, then one quarter for Harrison next below that, then run League tracts below Harrison's— This differs from the memorandum I left you in this—that memorandum directed you to lay off three quarters below H. H. Leagues tract-- Should it appe[a]r that the quarter for Harrison will not include the place he wants you may run one more quarter so as to make it hit, for I wish Harrison to get the place he has selected—that is, you will run one or two quarters next below the adjoining League to H. H. Leagues tract, as it may be necessary so as to make Harrisons hit right-- There are a number of tracts promised on that river and I want as many as the land will admit

S. F, Austin

April 4, 1830