Stephen F Austin to Samuel M Williams, 04-04-1830

Summary: Agreement to give certain lands to Williams.

Memorandum '

In consideration of the friendship, I have for S. M Williams, and also as a compensation for the general services he has rendered the inhabitants of this Colony for many years while secretary and for which he has not received a full compensation in proportion to his merits. I have agreed to give to said S. M. Williams the half of the premium land which may be coming to me as Empresario in the Colony of one hundred families which I Contracted with Govt, in eighteen hundred and twenty seven on the East side of Colorado above the San Antonio road, but the said Williams is to attend to all the business and do all the writing and I reserve the right of locating land in that Colony under titles which I may purchase from Mexicans or others who have any right to acquire lands there—I give this as a memorandum of the understanding on this subject for said Williams security in case of my death— San Felipe de Austin 4 day of April 1830.

Stephen F Austin [Rubric]

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