John Austin to Stephen F Austin, 04-05-1830

Summary: Is being delayed by lack of papers which Austin's secretary was to send him.

Brasoria April 15 1830

Col S. F. Austin

Dr Sir Mr. Saml Williams has never yet sent the papers for the Sloop althoug[h] I have written him at two different times since he left this place to send them down and if no safe opportunity offered to hire some person to come down that there might be no disapointment the Sloop left this five days ago and has been laying at the mouth of the River two or three days with a fair wind but could not proceed for want of papers four days since we dispatched a messenger to San Felipe who ought to have returned yesterday by 12 oClock he has not yet come I think Williams has detained him, it is a verry serious injury to us the season is far advanced and our Corn is somewhat injured and it is all important that we should get it to market imediately; I do not know Mr Williams reasons for treating us so unfriendly when he has received favours from our concern and never has yet been denied, if our buisness could have been done at another place I then would not have thought so hard of Williams but he knowing that we were dependent on him for the papers he ought to have given more attention to it,

John Austin [Rubric]