Stephen F Austin to Emily Perry, 05-16-1830

Summary: Glad that Perry is coming to Texas. Great field and future for men of education and talent. Removal of bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Moses Austin.

San Felipe May 16, 1830

Dr. Sister,

I was most agreeably surprised indeed by meeting Mr Perry who hunted me up in the Prairies where I was engaged in surveying the land which has been granted to him by this Govt. It appears to be a singular coinsidence, that he found me on the very spot where I presume we shall spend a large portion of the balance of our lives— he is delighted with the situation and I think you also will be it is on the bay, and is a very handsome and I think healthy one— The boys can have their fill of fishing, and in the winter wild fowl are numerous tho. he will tell you all about it

I have conversed with him relative to the removal of the bodies of our dear parents and I highly approve of their removal to a church yard— I think that the best place will be the church yard at St Genivieve— They were recognized under the Spanish Govt, as Catholics and there cannot be any objection to receiving them there, or should the yard there be thrown open and uninclosed, I should be in favor of taking them to St Louis, of this you and Mr P. must be the judges but I am not in favor of taking them to Potosi for the reason that the burying grounds there are all on private property and may some day become common Fields— I wish you would consult Mr Carr and Elias Bates on the subject and speak to F. Valle relative to their admission into the Catholic burying ground at St. Genivieve If they are taken to St Louis I should prefer the Catholic to any other, but will leave that solely to you and Mr. Carr, to do as you think proper I do not know in what burying ground Uncle and Aunt Elliott and Mrs Carr were buried, and if they were taken tó St Louis I should wish if possible that they be placed by the side or near uncle and aunt Elliott and Mrs Carr I wish that a plain decent tomb stone be procured, If I should be in a situation to do it I will some day have a handsome monument erected over their graves—

I am really happy at the idea of your leaving that cold region, I look forward to many days of peace and enjoyment in this country— I hope in a few years to free myself from all my debts and to close my affairs here so that I may live a quiet and retired life in the society of my sister and her family— we must provide a teacher to live in the family and educate them well— by the time they will be coming on to the Stage, Texas will present a fine field for men of education and talentsMr P will get Spanish bookes they all ought to learn that language

I think that John Perry might pass his life more agreeably in this country or in Louisiana than in that cold region. I should be happy to see him here, tho I cannot take on myself the responsibility of advising him to move for I presume he would wish to bring his Slaves, and they could not be held as slaves by the laws now in force here—

If Genl Hammond wishes to come I will befriend him all in my power and assist him in getting land he would do very well here, by proper industry and econemy and provide a foundation in land for the future settlement of his children

Bring all the papers and books of my Father and Bryan's

Remember me to the children, tell them to be attentive to their books and obedient to you and Mr Perry and I will give the boys ponies and a little boat, and something pritty to the Girls

I have seen your letter by Mr T. Browne and am glad that you have learned not to attend to reports and rumors if you suffer yourself to be made uneasy by them you will all the time be unhappy after you start to this country, for you will hear a great variety of them on the road and before you start

remember me to Mrs John Perry particularly and also to all my old friends there— I will visit that place some day

S. F. Austin [Rubric]