Stephen F Austin to Elias R Wightman, 05-17-1830

Summary: Surveying, Indians, land grants.

Dr Sir. I recd your letter by the indian and am much, pleased with your account of the country and progress in surveying— It will be impossible for me to visit there for I shall leave here for St Antonio in a few days—

you will therefore exercise your own judgement in laying off that country so that there be no vacancies left and you will regulate the shape of the tracts as situations and circumstances may require and also intermix quarters where necessary to fill vacancies and above- all make all the tracts you can, and economise the water fronts as much as possible so as to make as many tracts as possible I must rely on your judgement and give you discretionary powers in this matter which I do without hesitation and with the most entire confidence

I wish you to select two leagues there for me as a part of my premium land

I have given your letter to Mr. Williams to make the entries you mention—

Keep harmony with the Beedies and enjoin it on the Settlers to do the same and to treat them well and try and persuade them to settle on the East side of the San Jacinto

May 17. 1830

E. R. Weightman

S. F. Austin