S Rhoades Fisher to Stephen F Austin, 06-02-1830

Summary: Asks Austin's advice about moving his family to Texas in the face of Mexico's apparent change of policy.

Duplicate Orig: per Hetta

New Orleans June 2nd 1830

Colonel Stephen F. Austin,

My Dear Sir, The object of the present communication being one of considerable Interest to me, I have to beg you will address me by the first opportunity, freely and candidly in relation to the political aspect of the affairs of your Colony— My Stand is taken, and the moment you say my services are required I obey the summons, but unless you can as a friend advise me to bring my family the ensuing fall, I shall decide upon leaving them in this Country— of course I shall be undecided how to act until I hear from you— From the observations in the public prints, I must suppose that the Government are no longer willing to pursue the same course of liberal conduct towards the Colonies they have heretofore, and therefore as a colonist I wish to know the attitude we will assume with sentiments of the highest respect and sincere regard I remain your friend and obedient servant

S. Rhoads Fisher-

June 13th: 1830

My Dear Sir,

The foregoing you will perceive is duplicate, and as I shall leave here in a day or two, on my way to my family in Northumberland, Penna: I cannot refrain from again saying I am an "Austinian," and urging you to write me whatever may Interest us to know- By a notice in one of the late papers I perceive Colonel Fisher the collector for the port of Galveston requires vessels to furnish him with their manifests at the mouth of the Brasos, as this will subject me to delay on my voyage from Philadelphia to Matagorda, I should feel indebted to you to ask Colonel Fisher if I cannot go direct to Matagorda, and forward him the Manifest to such point as he may direct—

Remember Colonel on you I depend for the successful result of my petition, and hope soon to hear from you on the subject, as also upon any commercial changes the Government may see proper to make—

Lest you may not receive the paper, I copy the following paragraph from the Argus of 11th: Inst:—

Texas—The National Gazette publishes extracts from an official paper submitted to the Mexican Congress in secret session, by the secretary of state, the tenor of which is extremely hostile to the American settlers in Texas.