Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 07-14-1830

Summary: Hostility to Americans in Mexico subsiding. Orders various books. Is to be elected to the legislature.

Dr Brother,

In addition to the memorandum I sent you in my letter of the other day, I wish you to get me copies of the constitutions of Columbia, of Buenos Ayres of Chili, of Peru, and what is called the Bolivian Code or constitution given by Bolivar to upper Peru or Bolivia, they are all in Spanish— I think you can get them at some of the bookstores, or perhaps from some individual who has been to those countries.

In place of the scarlet jacket which I wrote for get me a blue clothe vest to suit the surtout and not a scarlet one — bring me a good raisor or two.

you must be particular if you come by land to have contracts with the servants or the officer at Nacogdoches will interpose some difficulties. If you come by water contracts are also necessary.

I hope you may get here by 1 of Decr for it is possible I may have to leave here in the winter, the mail of today brings me letters stating that I shall be voted for at Bexar to represent Texas in the state Legislature, if so I shall be elected of course, for in this colony I shall not loose a vote, and but few if any at Goliad and Nacogdoches they have started me at Bexar the whole thing originated with the native Mexican population of that place and Goliad— I had no idea, and no wish for such a thing I cordially detest politics in any country, and our affairs in Mexico have been so entangled by some one (and it is suspected by an american) that I dread entering within their reach— True it is that the prejudices against north Americans are subsiding in Mexico, but still, there are some remnants of bitter feeling left among the uninformed who believed that Poinsett was the U. S. Government, and that all north Americans were connected with his intreagues— The situation will be an unpleasant, and perhaps a critical one, but an honest and prudent course has always carried me safely through many difficulties in this country and I have faith that it will continue to do so.

The election is next month— The Legislature meets 1 of January— there are two members only from all Texas: tho after this year we shall have several more owing to an increase of population, and the ratio is to be new moddled next session.

The result of the election will be published after it is over— contrary to the custom in the U. S. but little is said about elections and there is but little electionering in this country, a candidate who says any thing himself, to influence votes can be deprived of his seat— this has prevented open and public electionering—

"Remember me to Mr Learning and see about the Maps— I perceive they are out, I want a number on rolers— they are for presents to Mexicans and of course I wish for the best— Tanner will realise more by that map, than by any thing he ever published in his life and I rejoice that he will do so— tho I need some cash to pro- cure a few choice Spanish, and English books of a literary and historical character to try and improve my mind which needs it much, for during the ten years I have spent in Texas, but few books have come within my reach—

farewell may heaven bless you and land you and sister and the young one[s] safe in the " wilds of Texas "

S. F. Austin [Rubric]

July 14 1830

I am greatly in need of Waits State papers, published in Boston. I had them in Missouri but lost them in Arkansas— A number subscribed for them at the Mines and I think a set might be got there cheap.— In my other letter I wrote to you to get me a blue undress Military surtout with a standing collar trimmed with black silk cord—yellow bridle bits yellow spurs and yellow stirrups, these I need very much and a pair of boots

[Addressed:] Mr James F. Perry Care of Price and Morgan Philadelphia