John Clark to Stephen F. Austin, 05-24-1825

Summary: Has some of Austin's property which he left in Arkansas. Asks about trade to Texas.

Hempstead County Ark. T—24th May 1825

Dear Austin

A gentleman has just called at our court house who says he is going to your settlement in Texas , consequently I have but a moment to write— I have at last got possession of your trunk and I suppose the most of your books but the trunk has been broke open and I expect some articles taken out of it, the trunk was atVaughns and after his death a notorious scoundrel by the name of Fields married the widow who denied haveing it but it was after discovered by the Adms. of Vaughns estate and taken out of Fields possession. I did not deem it proper to send them to N Orleans as you had some four or five years ago instructed me to do but concluded to keep them till I hear from you again on that subject— please write me the first oportunity I will obey any orders that you may make relative to your trunk send it down the river or keep possession of it till called for— I am sorry I have not time to give you all the news of the country, the local and domestic concerns of Hempstead County as well as the politicks of the country— Give me a history of your country what the prospect is for makeing money there, or what would be profitable taken to or from your country— If you know any thing of Doctor Andrews for Gods sake let me hear of him, I feel interested in Andrews and would like to know that he is doing well If he is with you tell him we have a flourishing little village at the place he was endeavouring to get the seat of justice located at for this county, on the head of the Bodark, called Washington.

This is now my residence— tell him his sweetharts are all married etc—

Accept sir my well wishes for your prosperity and happiness

John Clark