Unknown to Unknown, 05-xx-1825

Summary: Regulations for immigrants. (1) Report intentions and file character certificate on arrival. (2) Get permission to select land. (3) Arrange to pay certain fees, including $60 to the empresario for each league.

[May?—, 1825.]

Regulations to be observed by persons who wish to settle in the Colony which the Govt have authorised Stephen F Austin to establish in Texas by Contract dated April [27] 1825 being the second Colony of said Austin

Art 1st Every person wishing to become a settler must immediately after his arrival present himself to me and signify his desire to that effect and leave with me recommendations from the Authorities of the place where he moved from Accrediting his Cristianity morality and good habits which will be laid before the Commr as the Law requires—he will also deliver in writing a statement of his name, whether married or single, his family specifying their number and sexes, the place of his nativity, his age, where from last, and his occupation as prescribed in the 3d article of the Colonisation Law, and he will at the same time take the oath prescribed by the 3d article of the instructions to the Commissioner to support the federal and state Constitution and the General and State Laws of his adopted Country, his name will then be entered in the register book of the Colony and from that time and not before he will be considered an applicant, and as such entitled by Law to the priviledges granted to the Colonists—the oath must be taken before the Commissioner or in his Absence before the Alcalde.

Art 2d after Complying with the foregoing Article and receiving a permission in Writing from the Empresario to select Land as one of the Colonists he will proceed to make his selection on unappropriated Lands and give notice at the office of the Empresario of his selection Within 30 days after the date of his permission in order that an entry may be made of the same and instructions issued to the surveyors to survey it as the Law and their instructions require the applicant will also at this time present his petition to the Commissioner on stamp paper in due form and in Spanish.

Art 3d On the presentation of the petition as stated in the foregoing article satisfactory arrangements must be made to the Commissioner for the payment of fifteen Dollars to him, and five dollars into the office to Mr Samuel M Williams and on receipt of the title five dollars more being for his services in extending and copying the title, this is exclusive of stamp paper

Art 4th The Empresario as the general Agent of the Colonists has procured at his own expense and Labor, the priviledge of ennabling them to obtain Complete titles to land without the delay and expense and perplexities of personal applications at the seat of Govt by each individual—he has all the Labor of the translations—the examination of the surveyors returns and translating them, the receiving, registering and locating of Colonists, also heavy responsibilities and much Labor of a Complicated and perplexing Nature—and as his Whole time must necessarily be devoted to the service of the Colonists, and under heavy expences, he in justice and equity has a right to expect a proper remuneration from them and the 9th article of the Colonisation Law gives him a legal right to exact it. his object is to receive from the settlers a small recompence in Comparison with the benefits he procures and the Labor he undergoes for them.

Every settler therefore who applies for admission into my Colony will be bound to pay me Sixty dollars, if he is entitled to a League and thirty if only to a quarter of a League— Ten Dollars of which sum must be paid at the time of obtaining the permission spoken of in the Second article, Twenty Dollars in Six months after the date of said permission, and the balance Thirty Dollars in 18 months from the date of sd permission.— the payment of which must be secured by Note and lien on the Land granted.

5th In future No respect or preference will be given to any settlement improvement or selection whatever made by any person Who shall not have Previously Complied with the foregoing regulations, (excepting however those who have at this time actually made improvements who are allowed until the first of October to make application as required in the foregoing articles.

The payments on a quarter of a League must be made as follows Ten Dollars on the receipt of the permission as aforementioned and the balance in 6 months thereafter.

6th Should I be absent from this place Mr Samuel M Williams is authorised to receive applications and grant permissions as prescribed in the first and second articles of these regulations


on making application to the Empr__________________________ $10.

on presentation of petition which must be within 30 days after application to the comr___________________________________ 15.

to be paid into the office at the same time____________________ 5.

on receipt of title to be pd. into the office______________________ 5.

Stamp paper for original and copy__________________________ 2.

Six months application to the Empro_______________________ 20.

one year after ditto to do__________________________________ 20.

18 months after do to do________________________________________ 25.

4 years after date of title to the Ayto__________________________ 10.

5 years after do to do_______________________________________ 10.

6 years after do to do________________________________________ 10.


The above is exclusive of surveying fees which will be paid to the surveyors at the rate of 4 Dollars pr. mile.