Unknown to Unknown, 05-xx-1825

Summary: Payments to be made for land by colonists.


We whose names are subscribed in the third Colum of this book acknowledge that on the days set down in the second Column opposite to our respective names We received from the Emp° Stephen F. Austin a permission to select land in his Colony as settlers in the same by which it appears that as married men the Law allows one sitio and one Labor of Land and therefore in Compliance with the foregoing regulations which have been heretofore published and understood by us we do each of us separately hereby covenant and agree with said Austin to pay him Fifty dollars each in two payments that is to say 20$ in 6 months from the date of the said permision as set down in the 2d Column opposite to our respective names and thirty dollars in one year from the sd. date, for the true and faithful payment of which sum as above specified by each one seperately without any defalcation delay or objection whatever to said Austin or order we do each of us seperately bind ourselves our heirs or assigns, and as security for said payment we do each of us seperately hereby mortgage to said Austin or to his assigns the Land which we may each individually receive as settlers in sd Colony, In faith of which we sign this agreement and obligation in presence of the witness whose name is signed in the first column opposite our respective names, and hereby make it binding on us and our heirs it being a fair contract explained and understood by each one of us fully before signing and as such guaranteed to the sd. Emp° by the 9th article of the colonization Law of this state.