P S le Hicks to Stephen F Austin, 06-02-1825

Summary: Asks what provision Government has made for granting land to participants in revolutionary struggles.

Alexandria June 2d 1825 La

Mr. S F Austin Esq

Sir Having been informed that you are able to give me information concerning the intentions of your Government in respect to those who served under the independent Standard in the late revolution of the Mexican States and whether there has yet been any thing done in Congress concerning the grant of land to such persons I have taken the liberty of addressing this letter of enquiry to you requesting that you would return me an answer by the bearer and also please to inform me what encouragement there is to a Physician in any part of your Province

I hope you will excuse my troubling you with these enquiries when you are informed that it is my wish to receive a remuneration for property expended for provisions and my services as a Capt. for eighteen months and that it is and long has been my intention to settle in your Province if I could obtain a grant of a tract of land sufficient for Payment of Part of my sacrifices and good encouragement to my profession

These reasons I offer as apologies and hope you will accept them as such and deign to give me an answer by the bearer Mr J Brown and you will greatly oblige

P. S. Le Hicks [Rubric]