J E B Austin to Emily Perry, 06-03-1825

Summary: Hopeful condition of Province. Austin's plans. Priest coming to organize a church.

Prov. Texas

Groces Retreat June 3d 1825.

My Dear Sister.

I receivd your welcome letter under date of 10th of April, while on a visit to this place and hasten to answer it, before I leave this; as opportunities more frequently occur from here, than San Felipe

Not long since I wrote you; and Stephen at the same time forwarded an answer to Mr. Perry's letter, which no doubt you will receive in due time— You mention that a letter from Stephen dated in Decemr. last which you received, gave you more Satisfaction (with respect to his reconciliation, of your choice of a partner) than any before received, on that subject. Let me assure you My dear Sister that he is not only reconciled but pleased, much pleased, with your Choice—knowing as he does, that you would not take so impor- tant a step without consulting your happiness; The only objects dear to us on this Earth being yourself and lovely little family, rest assured whenever you are happy we shall be perfectly so—Our Brother seems to think, owing to the yet infant state of the Settlement that it would not be altogether advisable, for Mr. P. to remove to this country, at present—there is nothing he could do, that would be advantageous to him, for some years to come—tho I hope the country will so far improve in the course [of] a very [few] years, that it will attract the attention of Mr. Perry—and be so much to his interest that he will be induced to relinquish the cold and unfriendly Climate of Mo. for the more mild and salubrious one of Texas, where I think the mildness of the Climate tends in some degree to Soften the feelings of Man and render him more like a natural Being— Indeed my dear Emily it certainly, will be " the most joyful period of our lives" when we can embrace our Sister with " peace and plenty " smiling around us after the many vicissitudes we have passed through for the last Six years—The time is not far distant, if our lives are spared, when the fond vision will be realized.

I am happy to hear Cousin Adeline has changed the name of Bates for that of Lewis, and also that she has so soon commenced housekeeping, may her life be long—prosperous and happy—and may " misfortune not mark her for her one." You will greet her with a kiss for me when you meet her—You were " pleased and provoked " at my brevity in one of my last letters, and think that I can never be at a loss for a subject when writing to my Sister—You will please to excuse that letter and I will try and be more prolix in future. I must have been in one of my Lazy Moods when I wrote—Stephen has not gone to the City of Saltillo, probably he will not go untill fall, as he is fully determined to close the affairs of the Colony before he makes his return to Govt, he can obtain the settling of 500 or 600 families more, by making application—Everything goes on finely; not withstanding the unfavorable season we have had, good crops will be made— The Priest will be on in a few days to organize a church and attend to our spiritual affairs—Draw no conclusions from the date of my letter I am merely on a visit of a few days, because I pass my time so heavy at home—and also, because it is a pleasure to visit a family I esteem so highly as I do this. Present my respects to Brother James—and kiss my charming little niece, tell the Boys to study hard, and uncle will not forget any of them Brother sends his love Your Affectionate Brother

Jas. E. B. Austin

I forgot to mention in one of my former letters that Robt Andrews was dead He has been dead nearly a year

(Addressed:) Mrs. Emily M. Perry Mail Potosi, Missouri