Aylett C Buckner to Stephen F Austin, 06-10-1825

Summary: For the good of the colony suggests a referendum.

Sir I appears that I am called here for undertaking one of the most just causes in my opinion imaginable that which is not only admitted of under free Governments but even under the most despotic Governments Now sir as it respects myself I disregard rigid measures but sir you probably are not apprised of the bad effects it may have I do assure you sir it will enrage the people beyond all calculation and it will be the downfall of your-self and I believe the Colony—These are the reasons why I make the following proposition which is this—

That the whole colony shall be called togather and if there is a majority in favor of the petition it shall go on if not it shall fall The people in every direction have herd of your irons for my imprisonment, as it respects myself I disregard all you can do I ask no favors, but for the prosperity of the Colony is the reason why I make the above proposition It is a proposition that every man in the Colony will approve of with few exceptions

Aylett C Buckner

Mr Austin 10th June 1825