Stephen F Austin to James Cummins, 06-13-1825

Summary: Announcing settlement of the Buckner case.

The matter has been investigated which induced the summons of A. C. Buckner before me, and the result of such investigation has satisfied me that the acts of said Buckner which were deemed exceptionable proceeded from misconception, and the said Buckner having manifested a submission to the Laws and authorities of the Government—Therefore in order that the public may be satisfied as to the result of this matter it is directed that the whole affair be dismissed, under the belief that his deportment will be such as to merit the approbation of the authorities of the Government and the more effectually to avoid any excitement which a reference to the subject in private conversation might create it is recommended that it be totally forgotten and consigned to oblivion.

San felipe de Austin 13 June 1825.

Stephen F. Austin [Rubric]

To James Cummins Esqr

[On the reverse:]

La hospitalidad y amistad qe. hacia los extrangeros caracteriza los Mexicanos, con q. este sujeto fue tratado en lo interior, ha producido tal efecto sobre su orgullo propio qe. piensan qe. tiene influxo pa. trastornar un Estado y ahora según me dice el va llevar sus quejas al Congreso del Estado—estas consiste en esto—