Philip Dimmitt to Stephen F Austin, 07-06-1825

Summary: Has been accused of connection with Andrew Valentine, horse thief.

Sent Antonia6 July 1825

Col Austin

Sir I am sorry to address you on a subject so degrading and below the Honourable feelings of a gentl- but so unfortunate have I bin as to fall under a Report of Dishonourable reput feeling fulley satisfid that I am able to vindicate and satisfy you and all my friends on that point which shall not leave a stain on my reputation in the minds of my friends and acquaintances

Sir I have Inclosed to you a few certificates which you will be so good to examine and I hope thay will satisfy you, and show to you the malevolence of Men, It appears to me that men are composed of malignancy and malice for at the time I was arrested, The Alcalde in Person went to avery family of Respectability in this Place to inform the Inhabitants for what I was arrested and the cause, and not for aney acqusition or suspicion in aney manner whatever of being Interested with Valentine etc

Sir I am not able to say aney thing more on this subject that could satisfy my mind so much as to now who those persons are one that spook of me, let them Gentl be who thay may, If thay say any thing Derogatory to my reputation thay are Liers and Rogues, and I hold my self responsible for aney assertion that I should insert in this letter Sir I am well aware of your not wishing me evil (?) If any News that has falling into your possession Discratible to my conaction or standing in Society you will confer on me the Favor of inform me How and in what manner you recd it, and I will give you such Authenticated Documents as I hope will satisfy your mind and all my friends and acquaintances

Sir I was in hopes some day or other of finding myself a citizen of your coloney, but very possible for some informous reports which was afloat against me may have lost me my land Sir I am not Like maney If you are not willing to confer on me Citizen ship in your coloney, or you have disposed of my intended land—that is neve[r] to make a coolness between me and yourself I was informed by the Baron and John Austin you had asign me a League of land on the Brassos but time has brought about other appearances and Things unforseen, I remain at your command etc. etc. You will write me and give me your opinion of those certificates etc etc and a short description of your coloney and the Inhabitants and thare Progress. Your Bror. Has all the News—

P. Dimmitt