Keep, Groce, Stephen F Austin to Stephen F Austin, 07-19-1825

Summary: Procedure in a maritime insurance case. Keep and Groce. Trade with New Orleans.

It appearing by the protest of the Master and Mate of the Schooner Lady of the Lake of and from New Orleans and other evidence herewith presented, that a part of the Merchandise shipped on board of said Schooner were damaged by the sea water that leaked into her, and the said Goods having been insured by the Louisiana Company and their being no port wardens or other Officers here specially appointed to attend to such matters— Therefore the Undersigned Consignees and Owners of said Goods petition that appraisers be appointed to examine said Goods and assess the damage under oath and should the damage amount to more than 5 per Cent on said Goods your petitioners pray that the goods so damaged may be sold at public sale under the direction of said Appraisers for the benefit of the Underwriters

Keep and Groce

To the Honbl. Stephen F Austin Judge of the Brazos, Colorado and San Jacinto

United Mexican States Department of Texas

Jurisdiction of the Brazos Colorado and San Jacinto

I Stephen F Austin Principal Judge of the Jurisdiction aforesaid having seen the above petition of Keep and Groce have thought proper to appoint and by these presents do appoint Samuel Sexton, Samuel M Williams and Elias R Wightman inspectors or appraisers to examine and estimate the damage done to the Goods refered to in the said petition and should the damage on any of the articles amount to five per cent that they assess the proportion of said damage and sell the articles so damaged at public sale, after giving 10 days public notice for a/c of the Concerned and that the said Appraisers furnish the parties with a Certificate specifying the proportion of damage said goods may have sustained Given under my hand this [19 ?] day of July 1825 In the District of San Felipe de Austin

Stephen F. Austin [Rubric]

Department of Texas

District of San Felipe de Austin

This day personally appeared before me Stephen F Austin Judge of this Jurisdiction Samuel Sexton, Samuel M William and Elias R Wightman who took an oath well and truly to inspect the goods submitted to their inspection refered to in the petition of Keep and Groce and to assess the proportion of damage on said Goods and to do and perform the other duties required of them in the order of Judge Austin on the subject to the best of their abilities

S. F. Austin [Rubric]