Aylett C Buckner to Stephen F Austin, 08-10-1825

Summary: Desiring Austin's good offices in a dispute with James Cummins.

Colorado 10th August 1825

Col° Austin

To my friend if the espression may be applyed; There is an affair existing between J. Cummings and myself: which I wish and must have settled, My hart Cannot sustain the burthen which it now has to support: As I told you a few days ago never can I brook to impositions from any man much less from a man of Cumming's standing; Never the less I will condecend to meet him at any hour on or before the setting of the present sun that my hart may bleed out its vengeance and be releaved of that torment with which I am so deeply oppressed—

I would have suggested the affair yesterday but I was not disposed to bring about any confusion while you were executing the functions of your office

Whenever I leave this world I wish to be buryed under my own soil I therefore wish to purchase or make arrangements for one thousand acres of Land Yours with the highest Esteem and respect

Aylett C Buckner