James Gaines to Stephen F Austin, 08-13-1825

Summary: Concerning a Negro stolen from Louisiana.

Sabine August 13th 1825.

Col. Steven F Austin

Dr. Sir I Regret to inform you the Documents on Examination are mislaid as Respects the Changes alluded to in my Letter all I can Recollect of them is as follows

A young man by the name of Dally stold a Likely negro man of Henry Collins on the River amite, in the Parish of East Batonrouge State of Louisiana some time last year Mr. Collins sent a young man by the name of West to the Brassos Last year in pursuit of him but Returnd without success he Mr. Collins then sent me the Documents to Continue the inquiry until I made a Discovery

My inquiries has been as follows I found this Dally went to Pecan Point with the negro and Changed his name from Dally to Lively Early this summer he came to the naches where a young man Lived by the name of Lively this Lively Lived at Ellis Beans and was a partner of Dalleys on the River amite in Luciana when Dalley and Lively met Lively calld him Dally but after some apology they passed for Brs there and Left the naches with the negro for the upper settlements on the Brasss and was there a Rasing ... [illegible] some Time ago another one of the Dalleys has Lately passdd out in pursuit of them and Likely will pass by the name of Lively, a young man went out Lately with Mr. Lakely I am told Can Explain Probably the whole affair I have wrote on to Mr. Collins, and shall shortly Expect him on

I hope for the sake of humanity you will secure the negro and Damage If possible for 18 months services of the negro together per Costs of Suit until the Said Henry Collins may come or send

Jas Gaines [Rubric]