Thomas B. Bell, et al. to Stephen F. Austin, 10-03-1825

Summary: Request to treat with Karankawa(?)Indians.

Cedar Lake October the 3th 1825

Sire having understood you wished to have the opinion of the people we give it as our opinion it is requisit to treat with them for these are the same Indians [Karankaway] that Captain Jones fired on and they have never solicited peace until now they say they are tired of war and the conduct of them induces us to believe they are in earnest for they have encamped in our stock range and have disturbed nothing to our knowledge—-also the upper settlement not having it in their power to aid us and we not being able to protect our selves we think it is proper to treat with them these are the conditions that we wish you to treat on to secure hostages to not permit over three to cum to geather to one house— it is our wish you should cum and treat with them as well as thees—

Thomas B Bell

David Ness

Nancy Williams

Caleb S Bostwick

Danil Decrow

Thomas T Williams

Gorge Harrison

[Addressed:] Col Stephin F. Austin Bay Perrary