Robert Lewis to Stephen F. Austin, 10-13-1825

Summary: Trade with Mexico. George Nixon against Austin.

Rio Grande 13th October 1825.

Col. Austin

D Sir, I have been here a little better then a week, and confind to the House the greater part of the time, but am recovering very fast, I was taken sick a few days after leaving Saint Antonio, and has suffered very much; I expect to leave here in a few days, for Sant fernando and Sant Ross, from what I can learn there are a grate many goods in this part of the County—The Indians are still doing Mischief in this part of the Country, they stole forty Horses from here a few days before we arrived here.— I have heard it said by several persons here and in Sant Antonia, that Nixon is writing against you, to the Government, and to the principal individuals in this town, and to a number of other Towns, and prefering charges against you, to the Government, I understand he said he is going on to Mexico himself, and sais he has the papers, to show what you are, I name this as a friend excuse my bad writing

Robert Lewis.

My nearvs are very weeke

R L.