W. Christy to Stephen F. Austin, 02-10-1826

Summary: Introducing G. W. Hemes. Conditions in St. Louis.

St. Louis Feb. 10th 1826

Dear Sir.—

Permit me to introduce to your acquaintance the Bearer Mr. Geo. W. Heines he goes to your Country with views of settlement, he is a Gentleman of considerable interprise and great industry, such men you want in your new settlement, 'tis therefore unnecessary for me to recommend him to your attention, he would be a valuable citizen in any Country.—

Mr. W C Carr and your other friends here that are still alive are in good health, you have no doubt heard of the death of Mr. H. Austin and his wife, and Mrs. Richards.—

St. Louis is improving and our State incresing in wealth and population.—I am glad to learn that you have succeeded in procuring the requisite number of Inhabitants to settle on your valuable Grant of Land, I wish you long life and health to enjoy the fruits of your labours.—I should be glad to here from you when convenient, and tell me any thing you know of my old friend Genl Wilkenson

W Christy

Mr. Stephen Austin