Stephen F. Austin to Jose Antonio Saucedo, 11-21-1826

Summary: Explaining purpose of his memorial to ayuntamiento of Bexar of November 7.

I observed, that in Your Lordship's letter of the 14th Instant, in answer to my communication relative to the interpretation of the law of September the 29th, 1823, and March the 20th, 1824, You say that "I have declared in favor of the interested party, representing imperatively, and as if I had authority, etc."

I beg that Your Lordship will allow me, as an explanation of my intention, to say, that I never will declare in favor of any one who would oppose the law or authorities of the Country, and if some expressions are found in my communication that may display assumption, they did not correctly convey my idea: probably owing to my imperfect knowledge of the language, I have made use of some words the meaning of which is stronger that I supposed it to be. My object was to urge the Ayuntamiento to submit the doubts that seemed to exist as to the correct interpretation of the law of March the 20th, 1824, to the proper authority, for my own information, and not with the view to make a representation in regard to De Witt's particular case.

I feel much interest, and I am anxious to see the most perfect harmony prevailing between the old and new residents, but I take the part of no one in particular; and I hope that Your Lordship will attribute no expression contained in my communication to assumption; but, on the contrary, to my wish to settle an important doubt in regard to the rights and privileges conferred on the people of Texas by the law of September the 29th, 1823. Being myself a component part of these people, I cannot help opposing that which in my opinion, is obnoxious to, or restrictive of these privileges.

God and Liberty.

Stephen F. Austin.

San Felipe de Austin, November 21st, 1826.