Sumner Bacon to Stephen F Austin, 09-18-1830

Summary: Hoping that toleration for Protestants may be established in Texas. Offers his own services as a Presbyterian minister.

Gonzallas Sept the 18 1830

Dear Sir

On conversing with Miss Hambleton since your departure from here she thinks that writing to new york before some inteligence can be received from Tennessee will give her some unnecessary trouble in setting the business in Tennessee, the injustice and littigation which takes place frequently in probates of the united states make plane cases doubtful It is evedent to me from private conversation with doc. Hambleton that what property he may have had in Tennessee is no inheritence of his Fathers, but of his own accumulating and no doubt but she (his widow) was considered by him as the most dear and if so of course she ought to enjoy some of his property—

However she having confidence in your judgment and the knowledg you have of the laws of that government will leave it with you to not write at present or to write—

one question on this subject has caused some doubts withe me (viz) By what authority Marriages are solamised in the colones, whether the state legislator has enacted it or whether it has become a law by costóme; this is a question I ask in confidence and now doubt remains if the Legislator hav anacted it of it being valied in any Government. But if grown in to a law by costom it must be invalied

I cannot close this without mentione one subject which I view of some importance to the genral good of the Government and to the colonest that is The establishing some ecclesiastic authority with out some religion man is But little above the animal creation, I need not say nor compair the colonest to animal (or brutes) they have a theory of religion without practice why Habit and costom has taught them to discard the Roman Catholic Doctrine nor could they be prevaild on to be reconciled to it Nor are they alowd to practice their one [own] theory publickly:

Now to remove a prejudice which is in the brest of the colonests and to prove that the government do not wish to oppress them or cúrtale or infringe upon their consciences whould be to appoint some eccleiastical man whome the colonest mite recommend. This would have the double effect it would have a tendency on the part of the colonest to adhere closely to the municapal laws or sivil and Military and would incourage industry and incourage avirtuous and industrous emigration. By a carfuil policy on the part of him to whom this trust rests (?) would ultemately prove their was no inequity or injiery arising from the institution to the government.

I am aware that this is a subject which ought to be touched in confidence and judgement I am well aware of superstition ignorance and misrepresentations in the world: and if the name of a Presbyterian could opperate prejudicial to conduce to the general welfare of the inhabitants or a Roman why not assume it.

But farther it would matter but little of what profession a Preacher is of with the colonest so he be a protestant and if the doctrins of the Presbyterians are more favourable to the Roman Doctrins it would give me pleasure and joy to render my services and spend my substance in doing good to the world of mankind and to reconcile governments or communities and doing a gineral good I could bend greatly even to circumcise etc etc—

your Election is the cause of much gratification in this colony people or expecting much to be done Ignorant of the Powers of a representative. I beg leave here to make one remark and hope you will consider it as comeing from the heart of one who wishes that good of all and particular your self the colonest will expect every thing the Mexicans will be jealous; the safist path is nutral ground. Intelagance reason and judgement there is no difficulty with

I am disposed to advise with those who is able to instruct me in policy and genral good to which I appeal to your judgement and await your answer, No more

Sumner Bacon

Col Stephen F Austin

the first Clauses of this leter is written by the request of Mis Hambleton any instructions or reasons(?) you may give will be thankfully received through me

S Bacon

[Indorsed by Austin:] Recd Nov. 18,1830