Stephen F Austin to Militia, 10-18-1830

Summary: Battalion order.

battalion order

In conformity with the Militia law of this State, drill musters will be held in each of the companies composing this Battalion on the first Saturday of November next.

Owing to the territorial extent of the militia districts, and for the greater convenience of the militia men, the commandant of each company may at his discretion order said muster in two places: at one, he will command in person, for the other, he will designate an officer of his company.

Within five days after the muster the commandant of each company will make complete returns to the office of the first adjutant in this place, of the officers, non commissioned officers and privates of his company, noting particularly all absentees and sick, also the arms and accouterments of each officer non commissioned officer and private, and what kind, and those who have none.

The commandant of each company will also make a general report as to the state of his company, and as to any inconveniences, or omissions which experience may have pointed out in the Present militia laws of the state, or on any other subject connected with the militia, which in his opinion requires the attention of government to insure a more complete, efficient and convenient organization.

This order will be circulated by the first adjutant to the commandant of companies

San Felipe de Austin 18 October 1830

S F Austin