Stephen F Austin to Ayuntamiento of San Felipe, 10-18-1830

Summary: Advising organization of certain militia districts.

The militia men living on the Colorado river and on Navidad and the east side of La Baca North of 4th company have not as yet been organised by the appointment of officers.

Settlements are extending up the Colorado in situations which are exposed to the Indians which affords a strong reason why that section of the militia should be organised without delay. The law requires that the elections for militia officers should be ordered and presided by the Ayto. I therefore take the liberty of calling your attention to this subject and recommend that immediate measure be adopted for the organization of those Militia men, into a half company or company according to their numbers in conformity with the law.

God and Liberty San Felipe de Austin 18 Oct. 1830

S. F. Austin, Col. Commandant