Frost Thorn to Stephen F Austin, 10-29-1830

Summary: Colonel Piedras inclined to exclude colonists from Texas. Suggests procedure.

Nacogs 29 Oct 1830

Dear Sir

Coln Piedras it appears has of late received orders, not to suffer any persons to pass here, unless they have actually made a Contract, either with yourself or Dewitt; or have a passport, from the Mexican Consul—in case of a previous Contract being made he requires Documents to that effect-— He has a strong disposition to strictly adhere to his order

The bearer brot with him such voucher as the Colonization Law required—and presented himself to the Alcalde but it appears the Ayuntamiento have not the power of judging of the qualifications requisite, as the Coln took them from the Alcaldies office, and acted on them himself— you will readily see the embarresments, it will place those Innocent persons under, that Emigrate to the Country in good faith; and rarely with much surplus Means— It must have the effect to retard Emigration and as a good wisher of the Country, I have always used my feeble exertions to encourage its settlement

You are I presume acquainted with the late regulations on the subject of Terans reserves etc—or I would say more— If you have any friends Emigrating on the Road, that will pass thro this place, would it not be well to give Coln Piedras a List of the Names, which would supersede the necessity of there riding to Sn Phillepe, and perhaps much difficulty.

I am induced to write to you, as I am told many families are expected—and the advance season will not admit of there delaying much time on the Road—

Coln S. F. Austin F. Thorn

P. S. I start for N. Orleans Tomorrow, and expect to be absent 2 Months

F. T

as I deem it expedient that you should receive this as soon as possible, I send it on by mail, under the direction of Colo Ruis, for it is out of my power to see you myself for a few days

[Addressed] : Coln S. F. Austin. St. Phillipe de Austin favd by Mr. [Alexander] Thomson