Stephen F Austin to Elias R Wightman, 12-03-1830

Summary: Surveying instructions.

Dec. 3. 1830

Mr E. R. Weightman

Dr Sir Mr Brush has entered his quarter I perceive that the 29th, 30 and 31st leagues on Trespalacios, as you have returned them in the book of that Creek cross the trespalacios creek I know not whether this will interfere with the place Mr Brush wants—the 29th league is deeded to the heirs of Richard Graves as you have returned it and cannot be altered—the 30. and 31. are still vacantBrushes can cross the bayou if it will not interfere with other tracts

The Bowman and Williams League on the East of Colorado next below Betts is not run as I gave you the memorandum, and the consequence is that the quarter which was selected by John McLarren will be nearly all taken on the front by Bowman and Williams— their League was deeded in the old colony and the lines cannot now be altered— Agreeably to the deed it begins at Betts lower corner thence ST. 62E 5500 vars thence S. 28E to a point from which a line S. 62. W. to the river will make one League— by refering to the plot you will see that this will cut off more than half the front of McLarren's quarter— I sent you the notes of this league and am surprised that it was not run in conformity— it must be so run and the fraction between it and E. Hall must then be calculated and plotted in a quarter it will be in a triangular shape with a very narrow front on the river— Explain this to McLarren without delay so that he can choose another quarter if he doesnt like to take the same after the correction is made— I have not made an exact calculation but think that Bowman and Williams will leave but a few hundred yards above Halls upper corner— As I have said this tract must be run as it was first deeded, no alteration can be made at all in it

S F Austin

I shall start on the 15 of this month positively— Send me the notes or begining of Brushes tract is you can do so—that I may finish his deed